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Thursday, May 10, 2007

a trip to Never,Neverland

A trip to Never, Neverland was the theme we decided to have during my grand's 4th birthday. In the invitation we encouraged everyone (including the adults) to come dressed in any of Peter Pan's characters. It was fun. We dressed Dewey like a fairy, many came wearing pirates' costumes, a few wore Peter Pan's dress but most girls came as Tinker Bell. The party started with a fast dance number by the two clowns who also served as major entertainers that evening. For give-aways, we decided to buy colorful and assorted animal rubber toys around which we tied a string with the celebrant's name and date of birth. We chose baby pink and lime green as our color motif so the balloons that decked the place came in pink and green. Earlier, we decided to spread confetti of color motif on the floor and this helped create a fun atmosphere where you see guests happily interacting with each other as the party progressed.

That was last year and Dewey will be turning 5 very soon. We are thinking of a different theme this time and photos of the next event will surely be shared here.