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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tyra Banks on texting

The Tyra Banks show recently tackled an interesting issue called "Random Acts of Rudeness" and one of those acts considered as RUDE is texting a person so many times a day expecially when she or he is no longer responding. This incident happened to me and I totally agree with Tyra that we have no right to invade into a person's privacy even through texting. When someone did this to me, I even resorted to having everything recorded in the police blotter, showing all the messages, just in case. One can never be sure what's going on in the minds of people. Too many loonies around these days.There is no need to explain this but when a person receives foolish text messages from the same person many times a day, what do you expect the recipient to do? Be happy and say thank you? Texting someone countless of times a day even when he or she is not responding is a form of stalking.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Mga Laro sa Buhay Ni Juan"

Inviting those of you who are in Manila to go watch the movie "Mga Laro Sa Buhay ni Juan" showing na at one of Robinson's theaters. It casts Hari ng Negros 2006, a Dumagueteno, so please go and buy your ticket now as the movie only runs this week.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

"surprise" party: is it possible?

A friend of mine planned to give a "surprise" birthday party to her husband. She wanted it to be all "hush-hush", that everything will be under wraps and that her husband should really remain clueless 'til the party hour. I had doubts about this because how can one keep this kind of "secret" from someone close to you, or someone living in the same house, etc. It just wasn't possible, I told her. But she pushed through with her plan only to be surprised herself by the celebrant when he actually found out about it himself by accident when he chanced to take a peek at the venue earlier that day, where he saw his name and photo plastered on the backdrop of the stage. So? How can one truly have a "surprise" party for someone so close to you?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sarah Geronimo in Dumaguete!

The concert was called "The Next One" and it featured pop princess Sarah Geronimo along with Mark Bautista, Billy Crawford, Mr. Marquez, Simon Wood and the G-Force dancers.Dumaguetenos once again gave their full support to the pop princess as evidenced by the jampacked Macias Sports Complex in the evening of Oct. 2. To hear just Sarah G. singing seemed to be enough to make her fans go wild. Although some groups requested for Mark Bautista to give Sarah a kiss, but nothing to that effect happened.