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Thursday, January 12, 2012

the lips story

Decades ago, women or girls always wanted to have thin lips as these were considered more kissable back then. When a girl owned a pair of thick lips, she'd do everything to make it appear thinner like tucking them in a little bit or, when using lipstick, covering only the inner part of the lips, leaving the outer part unglossed in order to give the lips an appearance of thinness. Fast forward year 2000 when the likes of Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts have set a new lip size trend. Because of this, it is now considered more desirable and more beautiful to have thick, fuller lips! What happened to the sweet thin lips? Women who could afford to have lip augmentation are now seen sporting fat lips! Unbelievable! When once fat lips were considered ugly and embarrassing, now, having a pair of super generous lips are not only "in" but also sexy and fabulously beautiful. What's in for the future? I don't know about this, but sticking to one's natural lips is still the best way to go.