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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wedding speeches

In most of the weddings I have hosted only a few would welcome speeches to be included in the program. For one, when the bride- and groom-to-be know that their friends as well parents are not the "speaking" type of people they would usually offer to forego such speeches. However, there are still a number who want to have these inspiring speeches from friends and loved ones.

Who may be asked to deliver a speech?

a) groom's father to formally welcome the guests (optional, for the host may also do this)

b) best man (to propose a toast like "To Mike and Jane, here's to your happiness and many years together")

c) bride's best friend (to tell the audience more about the bride)

d) groom's best friend (tell the audience more about the groom)

e) a female sponsor (advise and wish for the couple)

f) male sponsor (advise and prayer for the couple)

g) bride's father (formal giving away speech, expectations)

h) groom (acceptance and promise)

i) bride and groom (acknowledge presence of audience)

Are you preparing to be wed in June? How about sharing it with us here?