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Sunday, June 6, 2010

gym and dieting...

Let me share with you how I am going about my plan to shed off excess pounds in the next few months. A membership at a gym most accessible to me was done. Then, in order to reach my goal in the shortest time possible, I had to limit my food intake as well, but in so doing I did not also want to deprive myself of the pleasures of eating the foods I want. So what I do now is to cut the amount of food I take by half. For instance, instead of a cup of rice, I try my best to make do with half a cup. As to sodas, instead of finishing the whole can or bottle, I only drink half of it and this holds true for everything else. Cakes, bread, chicken, pork adobo----I only eat half and leave the rest on the plate. I've done this for a couple of weeks yet, so I may not be able to see much loss. But surely, in the new few months, I should be able to tell you whether I have succeeded in shrinking the waistline.