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Friday, July 13, 2007

trick or treat?

In some countries, October 31 is considered an important event because the evening of that day is Halloween. Kids wear spooky costumes and go from house to house for a "trick or treat" which of course ends in the giving away of sweets, fruits, cakes, cookies and others.

I read somewhere that parents actually start making or looking for halloween costumes for their kids as early as July or August. Will the kids wear costumes of witches, vampires, the devil, goblins, ghosts, vultures and other scary get-ups? Will they get to go ghost- hunting or will they go to haunted houses for the thrill of it? Will they attend a costume party in the neighborhood? Or will they just go with friends going from house to house to ask for treats? The answers to these questions have caused some excitement in the parents who are now considering halloween costumes.

In our country we do not observe this practice of wearing costumes and asking for treats. But families troop to the cemetery to visit the departed loved ones. Some families sleep there during halloween to keep company to the departed.