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Thursday, January 31, 2008

gowns, gowns, gowns

There's this new place in the city that rents out gowns for all formal occasions. The gowns are so elegant that you can't help stepping into one of them, which I did as part of our segment on gowns to be aired on Sunday at 8 in the evening, channel 6, Filproducts cable. If you are attending a prom, debut, or maybe preparing to be wed, renting a gown is worth considering. Having a gown made can give you headaches. First, you need to worry about the color and type of cloth. Then you need to worry about the style or cut, then the dressmaker. With a finished or readymade gown, you don't worry about any of those details. You get to choose from an array of gowns---color, style, type of fabric, it's all there for you for the choosing.

And yes, the rent is not really that expensive coz we are talking about a gown that you will most likely only wear once. What is the point of spending a fortune on it?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

themed JS Prom

It would be a most memorable JS prom if you opt to have a theme so students don't come in wearing just about any attire. The participants should meet and vote for a theme which they would like to adopt. Here are some suggested themes you can use:

1. Cinderella theme

2. Hawaiian theme

3. Disney theme

4. color theme (blue for seniors, pink for juniors or yellow for seniors, green for juniors)

5. Romeo & Juliet theme (I love this)

6. 1950's theme

7. rainbow theme

8. love theme (all will come in red gowns & suits)

9. belly dancers

10. Filipiniana (in Filipino costumes/terno, barong, etc.)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

February is JS Prom month in the Philippines

February could be the best  choice to have the annual Junior and Seniors' prom since February is said to be love month.  

It is going to be a busy month for all juniors and seniors.  Planning ahead about what gown to wear would take off a lot of the worries that go with the occasion.  Start doing research as to the best color to wear. Remember that the color for this year is mellow yellow but still you have to see to it that you don't wear the same one as the other girls.  It pays to be unique.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

the water gun

One toy I never bought my kids in the past was this water gun and I never intended to have one in the house now.  However, two days ago the mom of our kid in the house bought her a water gun and started firing at all of us!  I was mad!  The floor was all wet and her dolls and other toys had all the share of the water too.  That is why I never wanted this kind of toy because it messes up your place and causes slips when the floor gets wet.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

once upon a time....

"Once upon a time..." always catches the attention of our five-year-old kid who has also learned the art of storytelling by starting with those magic lines.

As far as my two grown children were concerned they grew up with stories that started with "ONce upon a time..." for I told them stories every single night when they were kids in order to put them to sleep. Somehow, I have made it a habit to start my stories with that line even with my grandkid.

Well, what happened once upon a time when my kids where young enough to believe those fairy tales?  Did I not run out of stories? Honestly, I did after I had narrated ALL the popular fairy tales I had to fabricate all the rest and sometimes fell asleep before they did.  But that was a long time ago when kids believed and listened to stories that started with "ONce upon a time..."

Sunday, January 6, 2008

first visit to the dentist

It is said that when a child's tooth falls out you have to keep it under his pillow in the evening because a tooth fairy will surely surprise the kid with a gift.  Well, not even this story could convince our five-year-old kid that the trip to the dentist was fun.

We tried to make the kid believe that it would be fun at the dentist's clinic because she said she saw Mr. Bean shaking scared at the dentist's office.  When asked why Mr. Bean was scared, she told us that the dentist was holding something like a big "injection" that was why Mr. Bean was shaking.  We had to convince her that it's different here because there will be no "injections" involved.  Still, the kid showed some anxiety for a while especially when she was asked to sit on the dentist's chair.  Of course the dentist tried to play with her at first by moving the seat up and down.  Everything went well until the dentist came up with the injection which she'd only use to squirt water into the kid's  bleeding gum.  This part made Dewey cover her mouth for she wouldn't want any injections.  Well, as per doctor's order we had to head off to the nearest ice cream house for faster healing of the tiny wound caused by a tooth extraction.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wisdom teeth

The growth or eruption of wisdom teeth can be a painful experience.  There are instances which necessitate the removal of wisdom tooth especially when it bothers the person.

Wisdom teeth usually appear at ages 17 to 25.  However, there are some whose wisdeom teeth appear as early as 14.

Our five-year-old kid in the house then is far from having her wisdom teeth.  The poor kid has had toothaches because of the sweet goodies given to her last Christmas.  But it's not the growth of wisdom teeth as is the belief of her mom.