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Saturday, November 29, 2008

bridal fair

A bridal fair is set to happen come the month of love which is February of 2009. This is going to happen in one of the function halls of Bethel Guest House. Those looking forward to getting wed any month after that should come and see how they can make the occasion more meaningful and not so expensive. Here, the future bride and groom can choose for themselves the products and services they want direct from the providers themselves and this saves the couple a lot of cash because everything is transacted straight from the suppliers. This will also give the couple some ideas as to how they would like their big day to happen. Everything is there, so in one stop, one gets to complete the wedding plan. And, this can also be one good occasion for the would-be debutantes to look around for possible ideas. What a bride needs during her wedding day are exactly the same stuff that any debutante would need on her 18th birthday. So a bridal fair is not only for future brides. Those looking forward to celebrating their 18th birthday may also come and look around, preferably with the parents who will decide on the budget of the party.