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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

guide to hosting a debutante's party

When you are tasked to host a debut ball, it means that the one who invited you believes that you have some hosting skills which not everybody has. In trying to write out a script ahead of time, always bear in mind that everything should depend on the theme of the party, on what the debutante wants and on the circumstances that will arise during the party. As host you should be ready to say the right things in order to maintain the fun part of the party. The host is expected to give a short introduction, usually at the start of the party. In this intro the host can mention the significance of the occasion, what turning 18 means and how the debutante will start facing a new life with new responsibilities ahead of her, blah, blah, blah. There are no hard and fast rules actually. Just say what is right for the occasion, then it's all a matter of calling out each segment in the most interesting way, connecting each segment with lively comments in order to make the occasion a happy one.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

it's not everyday that we're getting wed or turning 18

It is okay to fumble and make some small lapses in weddings and debutante's balls because it is something that we get to experience only once in our lifetime. To expect perfection on these occasions would be courting frustration. Nothing can ever be perfect. Any party said to be very perfect is still imperfect because I can imagine a "very perfect party" to be boring---dry, dull, and so ho-hum. A "perfect" party is one with a few imperfections that the party-goers get to laugh at these lapses. So, never aim for a perfect party for you will only be aiming for a boring one.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry, merry X'mas!

Holiday greetings to you all and may you have a safe and prosperous New Year! The year 2009 is the year of the Ox. There are a lot of grim predictions about what's going to happen in 2009. Inspite of all the bad things we hear, let us not lose our hope. There are always two sides to an issue. If negative things happen, always remember that there are always the upside of things. Let us hope that more good things will happen than bad. Let us work together to have a better year for all of us by sharing with others whatever gifts or blessings we have. This is the only way we can combat the harsh realities ahead of us.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


A six-year-old girl used to insist on wearing only pink clothes. Most of her clothes are pink. Surprisingly for her X'mas party, she agreed to wear something purple to match the boots given to her by an aunt. She had on a purple blouse which she matched with a cream-colored skirt that had purple trimmings on it. She was happy to announce that she was the only one wearing something different because all her girl classmates were wearing pink clothes. Hmmmm....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

script for a beauty pageant

Generally, beauty pageants consist of segments like casual wear, swim wear, interview, gown, and talent. Some pageants though hold a separate evening for the presentation of talents and in some cases, the presentation of the candidates' advocacies. Otherwise, if we have to go by the standards of traditional beauty pageants in this part of the world, everything would have to happen in one instance or one evening. The script or what the emcee or host will have to use depends on what the organizers and choreographer would like to happen. The scriptwriter or the emcee or host should know what the choreographers and organizers have in mind so he can fit the script to everything. The host or emcee has to know the general flow of the show but has to be ready to make adjustments should other matters come up other than the ones planned. In other words, the emcee has to have a good grasp of the language that he will be using so that he can easily fill in the gaps with the right lines. If he can't do this, I mean, if one doesn't have fluency of the language used, then he better give the job to someone who can deliver.

Friday, December 5, 2008

moon, venus and jupiter show

We've seen it on the evening of December 1. The moon, venus and jupiter show features these three in a perfect smiling position, the moon with its upturned corners and venus and jupiter that serve as eyes in the black starless night. We saw it! This phenomenon happens only once every 44 years. So the next time these three come together to form a beautiful smile will be in 2052! Wow!

Monday, December 1, 2008

it's Dec. 1, her birthday is on the 6th and the debutante still has no emcee

That can be scary for the emcee holds the failure or success of the program. However, said the debutante, she has a friend who will do it for her but she is asking for a script which the emcee can read. Okay. No debut is like any other. I mean, each debut celebration should be as distinct and as unique as the variety of personalities that host or attend parties. For one, debutantes are different individuals with different tastes. Therefore one cannot just pattern this party from another's party. The host or emcee should make the party as unique as possible. The script therefore should depend on what the debutante wants to happen during her big day. If she wants it to be fun or very classic or formal, then everything should be woven around that mood that the host would like to have in her party. The emcee first of all should have a good command of the language that she will be using during the program. If it's English, then she must be very good at it so that whatever happens she can always come in with lines that will "save" the party or lines that will minimize dead air or gaps. If she has a good command of the language, all she needs will be a list or an outline of the flow of the program and she can do everything extemporaneously.