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Sunday, September 14, 2008

script-writing for free

I know why some of you visit this blog. You want to get some ideas as to how a party for a debut, wedding, anniversary, etc. should go. Well, I had done a lot of sharing in my old, old posts but if you want to get into details, I don't mind giving them to you here. Just express what you really want to know under "comment" and I will gladly be of help.

one stormy wedding

One wedding which was planned so perfectly turned out to be a nightmare when an ugly storm suddenly came into the scene, wrecking havoc everywhere, destroying the tents and wetting the food and the guests. The wedded couple rushed to say their "I do's" in the middle of the bad weather. The officiating pastor was heard to utter some bad words as it was almost impossible for him to perform the ceremony. The venue was at a resort which had a beautiful garden and pool. Looking back, I thought I could I have done a much better job as host sans the typhoon.