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Saturday, July 28, 2007

gift basket, anyone?

Sometimes finding a perfect gift for someone on his/her special day can be a problem. We do not know what he/ she wants and needs. One solution is to organize a gift basket which could contain a number of stuff which he/she will appreciate. The contents of the basket will of course depend on the recipient of the basket. If it's a lady, you can lump in a bottle of cologne, a couple of hankies, a pocketbook, lotion, soap, shampoo, and others. If it's an old woman, you can throw in a shawl, vitamins, some fruits, bags of tea, etc. For a kid, of course, kids always appreciate toys, so you can put in a stuffed toy, some candies, cookies, a pair of socks, a cap, etc.

Whether it's a birthday present or a Christmas gift, a gift basket seems to be the safest and the most practical present.

cute simple invitation cards

It's going to be the simplest birthday for our turning 5-year-old kid. Just this afternoon we pruchased 45 pcs. very cute invitation cards to be given out to her classmates on Monday. Actually, we found regular birthday cards too expensive. These card makers have made card-making an expensive and profitable business. Years back birthday cards were packed in 30's at a reasonable price. Today b'day cards are packed in 4's and at a very high price. As we did our calculations we were considering the use of colorful and attractive stationeries for her invitation but the price wasn't any lower and they were also packed by 6. Whooaaaa! Too wise of them. But we were not that willing to spend a fortune on invitation cards alone, so we thought and thought until we came upon one section in the department store that contained cute gift cards. We examined these gift cards and decided to use them as our invitation cards. There were princess gift cards, Winnie the Pooh, Disney characters, etc. We felt proud and triumphant over our ingenuity. Can you guess how much we spent for those 45 cute cards? They were worth 1/8 the price of real birthday cards.