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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sharing of love and joy

The true essence of Christmas should be seen and felt through simple ways of sharing love and joy to everyone. It is not in the material gifts that you give that makes Christmas meaningful. It is the love and the happiness you cause on people, the simple smile that happens when you share something to a needy stranger.

Nowadays people seem to be moving away from the real spirit of the occasion. There seems to be more focus on the giving of material things, neglecting the most important item which is bonding with the people around us through simple togetherness and being with each other in fun and laughter.

Christmas with much focus on the material aspects will be a sad Christmas when the celebration is over for you will be left with nothing but probably debts or an empty pocket.

Happiness and joy can happen even when you are penniless. The pure joy of being simply together with your family sharing the simplest of meals can be beyond compare.

Have a very merry X'mas and a prosperous New Year!