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Monday, December 1, 2008

it's Dec. 1, her birthday is on the 6th and the debutante still has no emcee

That can be scary for the emcee holds the failure or success of the program. However, said the debutante, she has a friend who will do it for her but she is asking for a script which the emcee can read. Okay. No debut is like any other. I mean, each debut celebration should be as distinct and as unique as the variety of personalities that host or attend parties. For one, debutantes are different individuals with different tastes. Therefore one cannot just pattern this party from another's party. The host or emcee should make the party as unique as possible. The script therefore should depend on what the debutante wants to happen during her big day. If she wants it to be fun or very classic or formal, then everything should be woven around that mood that the host would like to have in her party. The emcee first of all should have a good command of the language that she will be using during the program. If it's English, then she must be very good at it so that whatever happens she can always come in with lines that will "save" the party or lines that will minimize dead air or gaps. If she has a good command of the language, all she needs will be a list or an outline of the flow of the program and she can do everything extemporaneously.