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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Don't get bullied at school

Now that it's back-to-school time and some kids will have to deal once again with their greatest of fears--being bullied by kids of his or her own age.
A bully is a boy or girl who acts mean or hurtful to others. He picks on someone else to get power, or get their way, or feel important. They hit, kick, push and hurt people using bad words to call names, tease or scare others. Nobody wants to be a victim of bullying because it results to any of these negative feelings---scared, sad, worried , embarrassed. A bully takes the fun out of school for the victim is scared to go anywhere. He is afraid to go to the lunchroom, bathroom, or playground because he is scared of the bully.
Now let us turn our attention on the bully. Who is he? Why are kids scared of him and why does he do what he does? According to a recent study, a bully is actually looking for attention and bullying makes him feel big or superior.
Bullies come from families where everybody is angry, pushing, hitting each other and he could be a victim of bullying at home. So to a bully, since he is seeing a lot of fighting and screaming in his family, he believes that this is the normal thing to do. He projects this in school and feels inwardly satisfied for doing so.
How not to be the bullied:
1. Be brave or act brave. When the bully sees that you are scared near him, he will be delighted to scare you more.
2. Ignore. When he makes a move, just move on and let it pass.

3. If he insists in coming close to you, ask him what he wants. If he starts bullying, report him to the teacher who is expected to do something immediately so no untoward incidents will happen.

4. If, after reporting to the teacher the bully does it again, make your parents write a report to the teacher with a copy furnished to the principal and school director. This should already lead to something.
Bullies should never be tolerated anywhere. They should be dealt with properly and immediately with the right dose of discipline from school authorities.