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Friday, January 28, 2011

Tierra Alta, Palinpinon, Valencia

The ride to Tierra Alta from the city took us only about 15 minutes and there, we communed with mother nature in its greenest state. The well-paved roads and the beautifully structured gates that opened to the vast soon-to-be high-end housing subdivision took our breath away. The magnificent tower and the clubhouse which is on its final stages of construction gave our imagination a picture of what the place will look like five years from now. Yes, it is here in Tierra Alta where the most beautiful houses in Negros Oriental will be built. The Zipline cable was another attraction that made our hearts stop. With four different ways of riding it; sitting, inverted, superman, or tandem; one can truly have the feeling of viewing the whole world while suspended some 300 feet up and zipping the 600-meter long cable wire.