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Friday, November 19, 2010

Ten Favortie things...

If Oprah has her top ten favorite things list, every other human being also has, and definitely, I too have my own. Here they go:

1.Having my weekly manicure, pedicure, and foot scrub is so relaxing.

2.Full body massage---Swedish combined with Shiatsu, please.

3.Rambutan---a kilo of it I say, definitely completes my day.

4. Playing with my three playful pet dogs---makes me feel like a child again.

5. Reading. Anything that comes in handy on any given day.

6. Dressing up. I love doing this once a week for my TV show.

7. Dancing. (sighs) I really miss doing this for a long time.

8. Simply being with my family---that's heaven for me.

9. Driving. I love driving! Miss this too.

10. Being in control of my time by having my own business. Nothing beats this---when you're the boss and you call the shots.

Simple stuff really. It doesn't take much to please a human like me. LOL