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Saturday, August 29, 2009

big chunky fashion necklace

It is so frustrating when you look around for the latest in jewelry and find all the boutiques and stores not having even one of those chunky necklaces that are now the fashionable thing. If you watch "Gossip Girl" you will know what I mean. It's everywhere in the fashion world. The ones on this photo are not as bold and as chunky. I imagine the chains to be super big like the chains used to hold big dogs. The only solution to this is to MAKE YOUR OWN. Go and shop for some cute stuff that you could put together to have those big necklace of your dream.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

have you tried threading?

How do you get rid of unwanted and unsightly body hair like your out-of-the line eyebrow hair, facial hair, armpit hair and the likes? Some use traditional pluckers or tweezers while others resort to waxing. But have you tried this very clean and painless method of removing body hair called threading? As the name suggests, the procedure merely uses ordinary thread, but the process of removing the hair is far from ordinary. You need a trained one to do this and the effect of this threading procedure is really impressive. I got my eyebrows and armpit hair removed by threading and I am very satisfied with the result. Next time you go to a beauty parlor, ask if they do threading and give it a try.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

declamation pieces for kids

I make declamation pieces suited to the age and personality of the kid who will deliver the piece. Of course, I charge people for these original pieces that I make. It is important for the piece to have current issues, to have concerns that the kids today can relate to. There is no use making our kids recite this very old piece called, "Unpardonable Crime". It's unpardonable to do so. Times have changed and the storyline of the piece must be in consonance with current issues.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

bag organizer..

Recently I purchased a nice bag that does not have partitions. But the quality of the bag is very good, the material and the style also made me finally settle for it although the absence of compartments would have been enough to make me junk the bag. I ended up buying it because of its appearance. So off I went to another store that sells a bag organizer for Php 200 and I am liking it. The organizer has a lot of compartments, a lot of colors too to choose from you can match it with the bag itself. I have a compartment for all my stuff---keys, coins, ballpens, passbook, checkbook, usb, cellphone---I am so happy with it.