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Monday, July 23, 2007

It's August 3, Dewey's b'day!

Something weird is happening in this blog of mine because the date has not changed since July 23---so this is what I am going to do-----make the date as my title. That way, nobody gets confused and people won't accuse me of neglecting this blog.

Another strange thing is that the newest tidbits I put in here do not appear as the latest post but somewhere in the archive.

Anyway, let this not spoil the party as we move on to what transpired during the 5th birthday party celebration of Dewey held at ABC Learning Center. It was fun! The kids looked like they were enjoying just having a short party with their classmates. The kids wore zoo party hats of hippos, giraffes, elephants, tigers, and bears. And yes, you'd think the teachers required the kids to bring gifts coz they each had a gift for Dewey. Each one went to the celebrant, gave her a peck on the cheek before handing her the gift. How nice.

I think having a birthday party at school among her classmates and teachers is good. We are considering this for her future birthdays. It's less hassle, less costly, less greasy and more fun!

the problem with food delivery for b'day party

Finally, it's the simplest birthday party for our 5-year-old Dewey. Burgers, peach pies, drinks, a piece of cake, loot, zoo hats, and balloons----that's about it.

We were advised by Jollibee that foods like spaghetti, french fries, and ice cream are not very good ideas for delivery because the spaghetti is bound to lose its taste because of the time span between preparation and delivery, french fries will wither when it is not fresh from the pan, and ice cream will melt of course. Sigh, sigh. So we made it as practical as possible since it is going to be held in their classroom, the food to be served will turn out with little or no mess and less garbage.

It is a very simple zoo party tomorrow when Dewey turns 5.

Happy, happy birthday baby Dewey!

thought for the day: children need love especially those who do not deserve it

Children are said to be gifts to parents who are tasked to nurture and take care of them until they are old enough to stand on their own two feet.

However, not all parents are capable of providing for the needs of their children that is why there are children who are in orphanage homes. But no matter what the reasons are, it is the sole duty of the parents to love and care for their children.

Children need love. As parents we have to love our kids even if they are the most unlovable on this planet. For if parents could not even love their own brood, how do they expect others to do the same? Whether a child is handicapped, deformed, sick, dumb, silly---he is still your child. I have read in the newspaper recently about the story of a polio victim who, at the age of 5, suddenly fell ill and was diagnosed with polio. The parents of this boy denied the fact that they had a child who had this disease. In their house they had a small space or cubicle between the sala and the dining room, to which he retreated when there were visitors. He grew up hiding and ashamed to be seen by others. When visitors would go to their house he would slither to his cubicle to hide.

However, this little boy had developed the habit of reading. He read, read, read until his eyes burned. He became well-informed until one day he decided to leave the house and live in a place among others with physical disabilities. His life changed since he stopped hiding.

fruit hats, fruit blouses

Pre-schoolers and grade schoolers got to wear their cool fruit and vegetable costumes at school during the culmination activity of Nutrition Month. It was so refreshing to see the multi-colored hats and fruit-decked shirts worn by kids of ABC learning Center.

birthstone for August

The birthstone for those born during the month of August is PERIDOT. It is also the anniversary gemstone for those celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary.

July modern birthstone

Brithstone for July is RUBY which is also the anniversary gemstone for the 15th and 40th years of marriage. In terms of hardness, if diamond is 10, ruby gets 9.

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Happy, happy birthday to DAN EMMANUEL or MANNU who will be celebrating his 1st birthday on July 30, 2007 at Nerisse Bakeshop, Dumaguete City.

Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books had stirred some controversy among conservative groups for they tried to view it as something like promoting sorcery and black magic. The same controversy also happened when Dan Brown wrote the Da Vinci Code.

Both books are fiction, most especially the Harry Potter series which are too far-out from reality. Children who read and understand the books should know that fantasy and reality are not one and the same.

Harry Potter books are very entertaining. They let the imagination fly to far away lands inhabited by strange beings. I think they're great for kids.

Do you want to have the complete set of Harry Potter books? You may leave your answer under comment.