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Thursday, May 24, 2007

party games

Games could do or undo a kid's party.
Some games may not fit the venue or place or some games may only limit participation because of the number of players required. A good game is one that involves everybody or the most number of players possible. However, it is difficult to find games that will elicit a hundred percent participation from the kids.

First, how many games do you need to prepare for the entire birthday party celebration? Prepare as many games as you can. Kids love games and make sure that you have prizes for all the games. What are the usual games played during parties? Most common is the "hitting the jackpot" game wherein kids will have the chance to hit the pot and win a prize. I suggest that you have two or three pots so all the kids will get to be blindfolded and have the chance to win the jackpot. Then we have what we call "pabitin" wherein goods and goodies are attached to a squarish object which, when lowered, will allow the children to grab for the goodies.

Balloon popping relay is also fun but smaller kids might not be able to do this. Then the usual games like "Trip to Jerusalem" is still widely used. Others are egg relay, newpaper dance, statue dance, the longest line, water relay, and treasure hunting. My favorite is tug-of-war where the two teams will have to be provided with ropes.
The host or MC should facilitate the playing of the games and should see to it that all the kids are having a good time.