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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Robinson's opens in Dumaguete City

Call it timely, but the most-awaited opening of Robinson's in Dumaguete, happened two days before the city fiesta. Oh, you should have been there since the real mall opened on November 23 where everybody didn't mind the long queue just to be able to get inside. And no, this is not just because of the novelty but because the new shopping center has everything that everyone is looking for. It is a convenient place to shop while at the same time get to hang out there and meet your friends too. Nice, nice place. I think the other department stores in the city will have to seriously do something to make people still go to their establishments. Robinson's will surely capture all the Dumaguete shoppers' attention not only for now but for as long as it stands there. Hmmmm......Dumaguete is indeed growing.