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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

should all dates end with a goodnight kiss?

I know how hard it is to answer this question especially when it is your very first date. In some cultures, kissing on your first date is a no-no. Since the first date is the first level of the getting-to-know-you stage, it is expected that the gentlemen will respect the feelings of the girl who will most likely feel cheap when the guy insists that he kiss her. It can be a very awkward situation especially when the girl does not want it. If it is also the guy's first date, he might also feel the same way and if he pushes hard, the whole thing might turn into a horrible kiss, like you know, missing it with your lips in kissing position and the girl not wanting to get it. Yikes!

If ever it has to end with a kiss, like the guy formally asks the girl if he can kiss her, then the girl may agree to have a peck on the cheek. Yes, a peck on the cheek would bring you a long, long way like you don't want to forget that long after the date is gone. It is going to be sweet and memorable especially if it is your very first kiss from someone of the opposite sex.