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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

game plan.....

Looking good and feeling good about ourselves are very important to one's self-esteem. We are forever pressured on the looks department to look superb in order to gain friends and not be the laughing stock anywhere. Part of this goal of achieving good looks is ensuring that we look fit and fit enough to look good on any clothes. So the obsession now of achieving that reed-like figure grips everyone, rich and poor alike. Yes, obesity is now a big problem especially in places where fast foods are everywhere. Food is definitely hard to resist and its availability on almost every corner of the street makes it hard for anyone to maintain a trim figure. But with some will and determination, one can achieve his/her desired weight without going too far. Here are few doable suggestions on how you can lose weight without a sweat. Remember, this only works when you have the will to follow these simple goals which yours truly is following without breaking a sweat. Here goes:
1) Give up the sodas or softdrinks. If you find this hard to do, you can first try drinking only half of the usual amount you drink. Then go down to just a sip until you are able to give it up entirely and enjoy the satisfying effect of plain water.

2) Share your food. Whatever food you have, share it with people around you. Cut it into half or maybe three or four.

3) Cut by half all your food intake. For instance, instead of a cup of rice, just consume half a cup, half of the meat size you usually consume, etc. etc.

4) Exercise. You may quickly say you don't have the time. I don't believe it. I am sure you have 30 minutes to spare everyday----early morning when you wake up, lunch break, after work, before bedtime? Find time to sweat it out.