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Friday, May 25, 2007

gifts for a debutante

I got a call tonight from a friend who is attending a debut party on Sunday and is worried about what to give to a debutante. To answer this query, you need to consider the following:

1. your budget

2. debutante's personality type

So I suggested to always consider giving something that the person can use. Bear in mind that a debutante is 18, young, and could be in college. Is she the type who likes clothes? Books? Music? Accessories? So you have to know the debutante to be able to give the right gift. A nice blouse, bag, pair of earrings, bracelet, a CD, beautiful photo album, make-up kit, or maybe a good book.

Since they will also choose 18 treasures, and it is possible that yours will be one of them, remember not to tell them exactly what you have in there. Just give some clues as to color, function, etc. Make your speech interesting and not boring. A sample of a short speech on this would be like this:

"Our debutante will be happy to have this gift of mine because it is something that will make her more beautiful. I am not saying that she is lacking in that department, no, I think she is very pretty but my gift will enhance and bring out the best of her. It will make people want to be near her and I am sure that with this she will be making heads turn and make the boys in our class go crazy over her." (Perfume)

a Mylot member marks her birthday today

Happy, happy birthday to a Mylot member, RESSIEO168! Cakes, drinks, and a sumptuous banquet for you, girl!