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Friday, January 15, 2010

wearing the same dress as someone at a party....

Have you ever experienced going to a party and finding someone there who is wearing exactly the same dress you are wearing? What did you do? Did you go home to change? Did you hide and try to stay as far away from that person? Here are some tips. You never know when this will happen to you especially when you buy your clothes from boutiques and malls where everybody is free to buy anything. In order to minimize the "embarrassment" of wearing an identical dress with someone at a party, this is one thing that you could do. Always expect the unexpected. Before going to the party see to it that you style your hair differently, wear nice shoes that accentuate rather than match the color of your dress ( same is true with your purse), and wear accessories that will bring out the elegance of the dress. Yes, it's not only the dress that creates the total "winner" effect. It's what you wear along with the dress. So if it happens that somebody else is wearing the same dress, it is going to be a matter of , "Who wears it better?" With your accessories and awesome shoes and bag, you can actually create a different look that says, "I wear it better"Stock Illustration - two women wearing  the same dress  at a party. fotosearch  - search clipart,  illustration,  drawings and vector  eps graphics images