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Saturday, July 21, 2007

El Villano, Robbie Rotten

Meet Lazytown's villain, Robbie Rotten. He is one guy nobody wants to be with because he always has nasty tricks on everyone. He hates anything good. He hates exercising, healthy food, and rules. He turns everybody's day into a nightmare. Guys, this villain is not to be imitated.

But in fairness, Robbie Rotten is extremely funny. HIs acting and antics just make me roll. REally now, he is one of my favorite television actors. Of course, along with him is Jim Carrey. If you want to see how crazy Robbie Rotten is, go watch Lazytown. You will also love Stephanie, that very sweet and talented girl who always finds good solutions to problems. Sportacus is just fantastic. But Robbie Rotten is one that creates all the fun.

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