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Friday, June 1, 2007

the best gift for dad

June 17 is Father's Day. After honoring moms recently, now it is dad's turn. We all want to make our dads happy by letting him know we love and care for him. One of the ways to do this is by giving him a gift and this task of looking for a gift for dad can cause bewilderment to any girl or boy. We want dad to appreciate our gift, to be able to use it on his day-to-day routine. So what are the things to be considered in buying a gift for dad?

1. budget

You know your dad needs a sports car but you can't afford to give him that. So think of something that he will want and which goes within your budget. A new wallet? Do you notice the same wallet he had when you were a baby? It's time to change it.

2. dad's age

Do not give him earrings or hip-hop shirt. Your dad is not like your crush who wears earrings and hip-hop shirts. If you decide to give him a new shirt, don't forget to do some sneaking around to get his exact size which is found on the tags of his shirts. Also, observe his color preference and style. He might not want a pink shirt with a turtle neck.

3. dad's interest

What does dad do during his free time? Does he tinker in your backyard and do some gardening? Did you hear him complain about a tool he needs but which he does not have yet? That can be a clue. Between now and the big day, listen for clues from dad's own mouth. What does he say he wants to have?

Is dad interested in music? What type? You can give him a CD or a CD player. Find out about dad's interest. If he is into reading, again, find out what sort of stuff he reads and maybe give him a book of his interest.

There are myriads of other ways to make him happy if you do not have the budget to buy him a nice gift. You can shine his shoes for him, you can cook him his favorite dish, you might want to clean his room and organize his stuff, give him a surprise visit at work and declare to everyone that you have got the most wonderful dad in the world and reward him with a personally-made trophy and plaque of appreciation. There are lots of other ways. Be creative!

cotillion de honor

The cotillion is a formal dance which originated in France and is now popularly used in high society gatherings (ballroom dancing), especially in a young lady's 18th birthday party or debut. The girls here wear floor-length gowns while the boys wear the tuxedo. Ideally, in a grand deb ball, a cotillion should be composed of 18 pairs. But since this is very hard to do the cotillion de honor is performed by 9 pairs with a total of 18 dancers.

Coming up with 18 pairs is an impossibility for it means looking for 36 people to compose the cotillion and who can be present during practices. It is not easy to get a hundred percent attendance in practices so this can be one problem that may affect the total performance of the group.

Budget for the cotillion dancers' gowns should be considered too. If the family decides to rent the gowns and suits, well and good. You can opt to rent the gowns and suits.