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Saturday, November 29, 2008

bridal fair

A bridal fair is set to happen come the month of love which is February of 2009. This is going to happen in one of the function halls of Bethel Guest House. Those looking forward to getting wed any month after that should come and see how they can make the occasion more meaningful and not so expensive. Here, the future bride and groom can choose for themselves the products and services they want direct from the providers themselves and this saves the couple a lot of cash because everything is transacted straight from the suppliers. This will also give the couple some ideas as to how they would like their big day to happen. Everything is there, so in one stop, one gets to complete the wedding plan. And, this can also be one good occasion for the would-be debutantes to look around for possible ideas. What a bride needs during her wedding day are exactly the same stuff that any debutante would need on her 18th birthday. So a bridal fair is not only for future brides. Those looking forward to celebrating their 18th birthday may also come and look around, preferably with the parents who will decide on the budget of the party.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

on paying talent fees

What you pay to a pro host is considered a "tf" or talent fee. Some people, especially those in the government, have this bad habit of giving the talent fee far too long after the event. The organizers of the show or program, whether it's a government agency or not, should make sure that talents are paid RIGHT AFTER the show and not make the talents go back to collect days or weeks after the work. This is rude and unprofessional on the part of the organizers. If there are papers to be prepared where the talents need to affix their signatures as proof of payment, this can easily be done days before the event.

Hosting any show or party is not a walk in the park. For one, the host or emcee spends for what he or she wears for the occasion, make-up and everything. She prepares or writes out a speech and has the huge responsibility of seeing to it that everything will perfectly fall into place. If there are untoward incidents that will happen, it is the emcee's duty to see to it that the show must go on. She fills in the gaps and sees to it that the show or party will have a happy ending. And by the way, a party or program (beauty pageant or debut, or whatever) lasts 3 to 4 hours. That's a lot of sleepless time. So dear, be more professional and fair. Pay the host, emcee or talents on the same evening after the show or event.No one would like to collect fees after a show. That's insulting both ways.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

professional hosts are paid

When you want your party to be fun and perfect, you need to see to it that you hire a good host or emcee in whose hands the success or failure of a party lies. You might want to scrimp and just request a friend or a relative to do the hosting. But per experience, this can prove to be disastrous in the end. When looking forward to throwing a party and you want it to be a blast, hire a professional host.

Friday, November 14, 2008

brief introduction by host or emcee

"Good evening, everyone! Welcome to the coming out of one lucky girl who is turning 18 tonight. Turning 18 is every girl's most cherished moment for this stage means many things. It is a girl's significant transition from girlhood to adulthood. It means independence, it means responsibilities, it means living a new life. A girl who transitions from being a girl to becoming a full-blown lady can be likened to a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly. This is what is going to happen to our debutante tonight as she will formally be introduced to the public by her loving parents. The girl who turns 18 tonight was christened Zara Mae and is the only daughter of Atty. and Mrs. Ramon Curto. She has a younger brother who is too young to be her escort for he is only two years old. Zara Mae is currently enrolled in the College of Nursing at the University of the East. This girl has a lot of achievements too long to mention. A video show which will be shown later will give us more information about our debutante. (to be continued)

sample debut program

A lot of things are assumed here.Let's say everything is set to go. Let us imagine a debut party unfolding right before our very eyes. The guests start to arrive. They are either welcomed by the debutante herself, or by members of her family if she wants to have a dramatic entrance in which case the guests will only get to see her at a specific time of the program. Music fills the atmosphere as guests seat themselves and await for the program to start. When all guests have arrived and settled, grand music starts and the members of the cotillion come in, they give a dance as they are introduced by pairs. The emcee or host comes in to give a powerful introduction which consists of welcoming everyone to the occasion and explaining to them the significance of the celebration. He or she can give the meaning of debut, and talk about the life of the debutante. He will of course introduce the parents of the debutante, who in turn will personally call on the debutante and introduce her to everyone. A dramatic entrance can be done with props, music, as well as with the members of the cotillion ushering her to her special place. On cue, a pair of high heels are brought in and the debutante's father replaces her flat shoes into heels. The father walks her around, then back to her seat. A "harana" or serenade will follow. Then prayer before meals comes next, followed by the banquet. While everybody is partaking of the banquet, entertainment numbers will serve to fill in the gap. Then comes the lighting of the 18 candles. Those who light the 18 candles of the birthday cake will express a wish for the birthday girl. When all the 18 candles are lit and the 18 wishes had been said, the debutante approaches the birthday cake. The singing of the birthday song follows, then before the debutante blows off the 18 lighted candles she makes a wish, which she can do publicly or secretly. After the wish she blows all the eighteen candles followed by the release of the 18 balloons. Dancing follows. The debutante's father dances with her first, thus giving her the first rose. If she has a brother or brothers, they dance with her next, then other close male relatives, and eligible gentlemen who each give her a rose. After the dance, the debutante goes back to her seat while 18 guests are requested to do the 18 treasures. Each one of those assigned for the 18 treasures will go to the microphone, give the reason for the choice of the gift. The cotillion follows. Other additional highlights of the program can be done. If the debutante wants to sing, she can do this after the cotillion or during the banquet. The party should end with lots of dancing.

Hello, Ana!

Please give me other details of your sister's debut aside from the fact that it is one with a limited budget. I would like to know if you have chosen a theme for her party. Do give me the theme or motif so I can base the script there. Also, I have deleted your e-mail address by mistake. Please leave your e-mail here.

Friday, November 7, 2008

the father introduces his daughter to the public

I have yet to attend a debut in which the father of the debutante formally introduces his daughter to the public during her grand entrance. In most parties, it's the host or emcee that does the introduction. A more appropriate thing to do is to let the debutante's father do the announcement for that is after all, the real purpose of the party. The debutante's father, getting the cue from the host, can say, "Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, my daughter, (her name)."

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

from flat shoes to high heels

Another beautiful ceremony that can be added to a debut bash is the girl's transitioning from flat shoes to high heels which can be done in a most dramatic fashion. At one point,on cue, someone brings in the pair of high heels and the father of the debutante removes the flat shoes and replaces them with the high heels. They can then follow this with the girl's first dance with her dad.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

English for Koreans in Dumaguete

Koreans who come to the Philippines and who find themselves in Dumaguete City can have this cool place to learn English. It is located at corner Noblefranca St., right across FoodNet and Holy Cross High School. It is so easy to locate really for it is situated on top of MyPao.