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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hugs in US schools not allowed....

It's been a trend among teens to hug each other as a way of greeting.  However, this practice had gotten out of hand. These students just openly and unnecessarily hug each other anywhere inside the campus and this has called the attention of school authorities.  Now the practice of hugging is no longer allowed.  Hugging on campus is prohibited as a form of greeting most especially if it takes longer than 2 seconds.
Shaking of the hands or merely nodding of the head with a smile is enough greeting while on campus. Hugs are unnecessary and too distracting to the school environment.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

it's white!

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend! If you go by the old style rule, you can officially wear white now!

But white can be a little trickier to pull off, because it’s less forgiving than darker colors. InStyle Senior Style Editor Sydne Bolden Long shares her tips for how to do white right.

“For white jeans, which I think are a must-have for Summer, I suggest cutting out the front pockets for a clean look. Many designer jeans have faux front pockets. But I think if you find a flattering jean, just take it to your tailor and have them cut the front pockets and sew them closed.”

“I think the most universally flattering pants on most body shapes are the classic sailor pant in white. It’s a fun look; the wide leg can balance hips and if you have a boyish figure go for a trimmer leg and a heel to add length. Nautical is always a Summer trend,” according to Sydne.

“This season, white is a great base for the bright pink, yellow and orange neon accents in clothing. It makes those colors really pop!”

“I absolutely love a white t-shirt with everything this season - under a vest, under a boyfriend blazer with skinny jeans, underneath a wispy camisole dress… so fresh! My all time favorite is either Petit Bateau or 3 Dots,” says Sydne. “They are thicker and you don’t have to worry about the sheer factor.”

Sydne stresses that “nude underpinnings are a must when wearing white. Nude full cut panties are my favorites with pants and skirts because they add extra coverage and comfort. You can even go for a slimming one underneath garments for added smoothing.”

The above article explains everything.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

bags to die for: Hermes!

Hey, don't just look, but take a real close look at these bags that are worth a house and lot each. Yep, the famous Hermes line that local celebrities like Sharon Cuneta, Gretchen Baretto, Ruffa Mae Quinto, and even Korina Sanchez have possession of.  In fact Sharon and Greta are rumored to have not only one but a collection of these high-end imported crocodile and Ostrich bags by Hermes.  The estimated worth per bag? Php 3.5 million!  Huh!  I could get a house and lot for a million. Aaahhh....totally sinful!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

when attire is "strictly formal"

When you attend a party and the invitation card indicates "strictly formal", this means gowns for women and suit or tuxedo for men.  Some women make the mistake of wearing cocktail clothes, you know, knee-length but still dressy, but this is not the right one to wear at a very formal occasion which requires one to wear an evening gown.  It is important to know what the dress code is when going to a party.  Most parties have themes or motif and you might want to be in synch with the party's theme. You don't want to show up at a party looking like you're so out of place. Party organizers or planners should also indicate in the invitation what the visitors are expected to wear.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Manners: cover your mouth when you sneeze

Don't just spray your germs or bacteria to the people near you. Be courteous, have respect for others, avoid sneezing into anyone's faces nor anyone's food. It is bad manners for you to be delivering your germs to people around you. Likewise, if somebody sneezes, always cover your nose and mouth so you don't inhale the contaminated air.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dumagueteno nominated among World's Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities

If you are from the city of Dumaguete, or from any part of the Philippines, you might want to support our fellow Filipino who has been voted as one of the World's Sexiest Vegetarian celebrities. You may log on to www.petaasiapacific.com and vote for Mark Xander Fabillar under male category. Let us support animal rights. Log on to the site given and cast your vote.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

so your friends hate you because you are an obsessive borrower

From hairbrush, to lip gloss, to cologne---come on, who wants a friend who behaves like a leech, sucking all her friends dry of personal supplies. What a shame. Personal things like lipstick, powder, comb are personal and not to be passed around or used by another person. You just don't know about the other person and how tricky these germs can be.

A student at a local dormitory for girls has been the subject of gossip because she thrives on others' things. She never buys her own stuff including clothes. She would borrow her dormmates' blouses and pants, sometimes without their permission.

Borrowing is very similar to begging. But in borrowing there is this unwritten contract that the item borrowed will be returned. But how do you return lipstick or cologne borrowed from a friend? That's hard.

So guys, don't be a leech. Buy your own stuff. Stop borrowing people's things. It's a shame!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

don't be stupid.....

A motorist was recently killed in the US because of a stupid lady driver who was painting her nails while driving.  Well, studies have reported "painting the nails" as the number one cause of car accidents, followed by "reading a book" as number two, and "using the cellphone" as number three. I say, what? How can you be so stupid?

Driving is a full-time occupation.  You cannot do anything else while you're driving.  Always remind any driver who does other things while driving.  A woman also killed herself while she was driving and trying to pick up her sunglasses that fell.  The car almost lost control and could have crashed against a truck had the truck driver acted quickly.  See?  That's another stupidity.  If something falls, pick it up later when you're not driving.  Otherwise, you can always stop the car and do your thing.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Effective Ways to diet

People wonder how I am able to keep my figure fit and trim despite my age because people at this age generally slacken and put on unwanted pounds in the most visible areas. When asked, I'd usually give them the following twenty dieting strategies that have helped me maintain a youthful figure.

1. BRUNCHING. Brunch is short for breakfast and lunch combined. By eating only one meal instead of two, you will already save your body from additional calories that you usually put on a single meal. So instead of eating breakfast at 6 or seven in the morning, have a good meal at around 10:30 and that's it. You will be too full to eat another meal for lunch.

2. HYDRATE YOURSELF every now and then. Drink lots of water when any sign of hunger starts to come. Water will give you the feeling of fullness, and it is also serves as a very good cleansing agent.

3. NO SODAS. Skip the drinking of sodas, or any sweetened drink. Just stick to the good old reliable water.

4. FOR SNACKS bring carrot sticks to your work or school. Aside from being a good source of beta-carotene, carrots sticks are easy to prepare.

5. CRACKERS. Snack on crackers when hungry.

6. Eat a bit of cheese before eating. This is said to reduce your craving for huge amount of food.

7. AVOID parties. This is where you usually get those unwanted pounds. So try to avoid attending too many parties for these will only tempt you to eat.

8.OATMEAL. From time to time, have whole days of nothing but oatmeal. You can choose weekends to have full days of nothing but oatmeal.

9. MOVE. While eating, you might want to multi-task at the same time. You can order food that is healthy and ready to go so you can actually eat it on the go.

10. NOTHING AFTER SIX. This method works with a lot of people. They eat nothing after six o'clock in the evening and this has successfully made a lot of people lose weight.

11. AN APPLE A DAY. So you have two full days with nothing but oatmeal. Since there are seven days a week, you can also have one day with nothing but an apple per meal.

12. EAT VEGAN. Avoid red meat. Learn the vegan way of dieting, and that means eating nothing but veggies. There are substitute vegan "meat" to satisfy your craving for meat.

13. EAT SLOWLY. A person who enjoys his food will chew the food slowly, thus allowing faster absorption. The tendency to eat fast will make people eat more. So learn to enjoy your food by not doing it in a rush.

14. GO SLOW ON THE CARBS. Bad carbs easily translate into sugar which is a very big factor of obesity.

15. FRUITS AND VEGGIES will keep the body healthy as they do not contain cholesterol that will make you sick. As much as possible have fruits and veggies on the dining table everyday.

16. MEASURE the amount of food you take in terms of calories. Be consicious of what each food will do to your body. By being meticulously aware of food calories, you will actually be careful not to overstock your body with unwanted poundage.

17. EAT HOME. Dining out will only make you order food that will make you gain weight. Make it a habit to eat at home.

18. SKIP THE COFFEE. Coffee also contains sugar, so the best way to avoid needless sugar in the body is to skip coffee during your coffee breaks.

19. VITAMIN C will help in the breaking down of food and fats in the body, so have an ample dose of it everyday.

20. SLEEP at the right time. Staying up late will give you more chances of snacking in the middle of the night. You know what this will do to you, so sleep on time.

There you are---20 tips and tricks to achieve that enviable physique.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

beware of slimming pills!

Guys, beware of slimming pills because they can ruin your mind and body. Just this week, news came out of a teen-age girl who died as a result of the diet pills she was using. A few others have been sick, complaining of hallucinations and other weird happenings on their bodies which no doctor could explain. It is really very, very dangerous to use diet or slimming pearls. Be warned, guys.

If you are serious about losing weight, exercise your way to it. Exercise is fun and healthy. It may come in a lot of forms---sports, dancing, games, and all the fun thing that involves physical movement.

One slimming pill to avoid is one that has the terms "white" and "pearl" on the label and is Made in China or Taiwan.