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Monday, December 20, 2010

what not to give your kids this X'mas....

I know. 'Been there, done that. Children could be the meanest creatures on earth when it comes to receiving gifts. When they receive a gift that they do not like, they will say it out loud, throw the gift away, thereby breaking the giver's heart. So if you want the child to appreciate your gift, never buy one based on what YOU want or what HER MOTHER or FATHER wants. Rather, have in mind what the boy or girl really wants. Here's a list of what kids do not want to receive as gifts:
1. a pair of socks
2. knickers or panties or briefs
3. t-shirts
4. books
5. dress
6. hat
7. diapers
8. milk formula
9. money
10. pants, shorts
11. throw pillows
12. shoes, slippers

In short, clothes do not open up the kids' eyes. The reactions you get whenever they open a gift containing one of those listed above are varied: "I hate it." "Yuck." "I don't like it." "It's so boring." Or they cry or throw a tantrum. So what sort of gift will they appreciate? Simple. In buying a gift for your kids, think of TOYS. Yes, you can't go wrong with TOYS. They will love any sort of toys. Although most likely these toys would end up as garbage, never mind, if you want to see that smile on their faces when they open their gifts, just think and be like a kid in buying gifts for children.