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Friday, August 31, 2007

fashion tip: huge colorful bangles!!!

They're back and they're in! The bigger, the better. The more assorted, the better. The more, the merrier. I am talking about bangles. Yes, bangles. Don't you just love them? I know Indian women have been wearing this as part of their culture, but we fashion-loving people can do as the Indians.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Presenting: Sapphire, birthstone for September

Hello, September! With a new month comes a new rush of celebrations to mark birthdays and other occasions. To those born in September, your birthstone is Sapphire.

Monday, August 27, 2007

when your kid goes to school for the first time..

This can be a very stressful moment for moms who will be sending off their kids to kindergarten for the first time. A lot of doubts make moms anxious. Will the child adapt to a school environment quickly? Will he be able to get adjusted to a new surrounding around other kids and with an adult who is going to be his teacher? Will he get along with others?

Been there. Seen them all. Kids crying, screaming, kicking because they do not want to go to school. Moms literally dragging their kids to school, sitting with them inside the classroom for a month or so until he gets adjusted. All these can be really exhausting. We moms want our kids to be able to embrace school very easily. But this is not happening to all the moms and to all the kids. Fortunately I did not have to deal with these problems when my own children started kindergarten and when my 5-year-old granddaughter went to school for the first time. But I have observed many who are in this situation. In fact one of my friends had her 4-year-old daughter tutored by me because her daughter didn't want to go inside her classroom.

Here are a few tips moms can do to prepare their kids for school:

1. Talk about school in the most pleasant way you can. Talk about the fun he will be having there with his other classmates.

2. A few days before school, try to rehearse the child or make him experience a classroom situation in your house, making him sit down and do some school stuff like coloring, writing, or how to hold the pencil and stuff. Make him sing and dance with you to the tune of a nursery rhyme.

3. Play "pretend" with him that you're the teacher and he is the pupil. Instill in him the idea that school is fun and a teacher is just like mom.

4. Ask him what food he wants to snack in school. Pack him his favorite snack and get him excited about it.

5. Sound excited about school for him and make it sound like a very nice place to go to.

6. After school ask him to tell you what they did in the class. Be excited about what he has to tell you each time. Reward him with a kiss for every good deed he'd done like he listened to the teacher, he was friendly with everybody, he obeyed his teacher, etc.

7. Make a "field trip" to the school with your kid a day or two before classes. Look for his classroom and point it out to him.
The last but not the least, when you have some negative thoughts about school, don't let your child hear about it.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

a gift for you, kids!

A new site has been very recently opened to actively help kids with their school work. You may start loading your homework now at http://www.kids'-homework.blogspot.com where the help will also appear instantly as soon as I am able to view it. Homework especially having to do with projects related to book reports, book review or story analysis, essays, etc. will be entertained. Of course, this will have to be done on a first come, first served basis. So kids, got any homework? Go to it now.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

gift-wrapping ideas

Gift-wrappers can be very costly. If you are giving gifts to a dozen people and you pay for gift-wrapping service, that could cost a lot of money. There are a number of alternatives to consider if you want to have a more personalized, creative, as well as environmentally friendly gift wrappers. So you don't have to buy expensive gift wrappers each time, try making your own from:

1. hemp (details are at http://www.eartheasy.com)
2. any soft fabric and make a gift bag out of it
3. comic strips or comic sections
4. calendars
5. your children's art work
6. old maps
7. newpaper
8. glossy magazine covers

The trick is in the finishing touches. Give your gift that classy look by using a nice ribbon around it. For a more detailed description of how and where to purchase these wrappers with low environmental impact, visit http://www.eartheasy.com

Friday, August 24, 2007

gift ideas for a boyfriend

I find looking for the perfect gift for a man both hard and easy. It is easy because men are not complicated beings. They are simple when it comes to shopping----no frills, just basic. So in looking for a gift for him, it should not be too hard to choose from a limited variety of stuff that men use. However, this simplicity and lack of complication also makes the task difficult for choosing from a limited number is not that easy.

Women have come up with a variety of ways to make their men happy on their birthday. When I shop for a birthday gift I stick to the basics. So here's a list of things your beloved bf or husband will surely appreciate:
1. a good shirt (but get the right size and the color he prefers) ---I am putting this as my gift no. 1 because all men appreciate a good shirt that he could use at work.

2. wallet---if you notice that his wallet has fallen apart

3. a personalized lighter (if he smokes)

4. an expensive cologne (if he's fond of this)

5. socks, hankies, undies (this never fails)

6. an expensive tie (if he wears one)

7. a good mousepad with a wrist rest ( for computer junkies)

8. a personalized mug (if he is a coffee drinker)

9. a bestselling book he'd been wanting to read

10. bottle of exotic wine (if he drinks)

11. an organizer/planner

12. a huge comfortable pillow with your face on the pillow case which you can have printed

A dozen gift ideas for your beloved. As was already mentioned, keep it simple and basic.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

so your kid is turning 1?

Parents, especially moms, get so hyper when the date of their angel's FIRST birthday party is moving in fast.

A kid's 1st birthday is supposed to be the most memorable for the parents and the baby. Should it be a themed party? Since you would like it to be a grand birthday celebration, you decided to make it a themed party. Here's a list of themes you can possibly use:
* Teddy bear party
* cowboy
* Ducky-duck party
* angel
* Rainbow party
* fruit
* Pirate b'day party
* fairy
* hat party
* princess/prince
* bunny party
* pajama
* Indian party
* career
*Alice in Wonderland theme
* star
* Under the Sea
* cartoon
* Zoo party
* Micky mouse
* Hi-5 party
* Dora the Explorer
* Disneyland
* Totally Spies
* Wonder Pets
* Blues clues
* the carnival

Those are only suggestions. I am sure you can think up of other themes. The list is endless, it is all up to you how you would want your kid's 1st birthday a most memorable one.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

a car? or a trip around the world?

A friend of mine who recently turned 50 got this evil proposition from her sweet hubby for her to choose between a car and a trip around the world for her birthday gift.

The birthday girl considered the two options. Although it's been a dream of hers to see the world, but she thought if she chose that, she'd only have memories and photographs to show. But if she chose a car, she'd be able to use it for as long as she wants. My friend got herself a Toyota for her 50th birthday gift. Isn't he sweet?

a car? or a grand ball?

A girl who was turning 18 was asked by her dad what she wanted for a birthday gift: a car? or a grand debut party?

She opted to have the latter and she got it----one grand evening of pure ecstasy where she was the center of attention, when she was treated like a princess. The debut party was held by a poolside with the pool covered by pink and white balloons, a huge pink swan at the center.

Monday, August 20, 2007

balloon games

A kid's party can be bursting with fun if all the games involve balloons. Yes, lots and lots of balloons for relay and popping. Here's a list of balloon games. You can add your own:

1. balloon dance---similar to apple dance---instead of an apple, have a balloon between the foreheads of a pair and let them dance to the music. The last pair to drop the balloon wins. Let the music here be fast.

2. balloon bursting----can be done by two or three teams but this will need many balloons---the team that bursts more balloons by sitting on them will win

3. balloon making---individual category---the first one to blow the biggest balloon wins

4. balloon relay---two or three or more teams---the balloon is trapped between the knees and each member walks with the balloon between the knees, goes back to give it to the next one and does the same thing all over again

There are still other games that you can think of using nothing but balloons.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

happy ending

When I wrote my first and only short story for children more than two decades ago, I learned a lesson from my first employer who is also considered the first most significant short story writer in the Philippines, Mrs. Paz Marquez Benitez. She was 83 then when I landed on my first job as editorial assistant at the Philippine Journal of Education, a teacher's magazine published monthly. The great Benitez encouraged me to write and submit a short story for children. I did it but with a big but. She did not like its ending so she asked me to revise it, make it into a happy ending. Her words still ring loud and clear in my ears today, "No children's story should have an unhappy ending". I did what I was advised to do, and true enough she had it published and of course, earned me my first money from writing.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

when a girl does not deserve to have a debut

This post seems to raise controversy since we know from experience that all girls turning 18 look forward to celebrating their debut. Not all, says one noted columnist who wrote an entire essay on when a girl deserves to have a debut.

In this essay he pointed out the fact that throwing a grand debut party is not a joke. Parents spend a fortune to follow all the nitty-gritty requirements of a fabulous debut bash. It's practically like throwing away hard-earned savings of many years on a daughter's turning over.

18 is supposed to be the girl's age of formally being introduced to society. It carries with it a lot of meanings and one of them is at 18 the girl is now allowed to entertain suitors and maybe have a boyfriend. She is now free to socialize with boys her own age, get to know them, and maybe go out with them. However, much of this is broken today. Girls today date and have boyfriends before 18. This being the case, the author of the essay said, what is the point of spending half a million when the essence and meaning of the celebration is no longer there? The debut party will turn out to be more of a farce than fun.

A simple party to mark a girl's transition from childhood to adulthood would be more like it if the girl has been socializing and entertaining suitors and having boyfriends before 18. But a real grand debut? Uh-uh------you no longer deserve one, girl.

family friend's birthday

Today a family friend celebrates his 31st birthday along with his mom who also happens to be turning 75 today------Ian and Mom Fennie will have their birthday bash at Spanish Heritage where friends and family will celebrate with them. Of course we will be there to be part of this big affair. To Ian and his mom------huge hugs and may you have many, many more birthdays to mark.

Happy, happy birthday!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

when your birthday falls on a school day

When your birthday happens to be on a school day this year, you will need to deal with certain issues regarding your party. Some schools do not allow birthdays to be celebrated there so you will need to have your party either at home or at another venue after school. Okay. Let's say you have decided to have your b'day blast at home after school. Other problems should be looked into like after-school activities in which classmates and other friends could be involved in. So you need to consider the time after school----maybe late in the afternoon? If this is going to be the case, other friends may not be able to make it because they need to study for the following day's homework or they'd be too tired to go so your party will not be as fun-filled as expected.

There are many hitches and glitches in giving a birthday party on a school day. Are you willing to postpone it to a weekend so everybody can go? If yes, then maybe that should be considered.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

study tips for kids

School is fun when you know how to budget your time so that you can study and not miss out on the fun side of life. When you have good study habits you will find school more fun than a bore. Here are some tips:

1. Listen to your teachers. Much of the learning happens while listening to the discussion or lecture of your teachers. This is also one good way of preparing for any quiz or long test because most likely, the things that will come out in the test are those that were already discussed by your teachers.

2. Note down important points while listening to the teacher. The act of writing down vital points is already an act of retaining the information.

3. Ask questions. If there is anything that is not clear, raise your hand and do not be afraid to ask your teachers. They will give you extra points for doing this.

4. This is probably the most important tip----read or go over your notes EVERYDAY. Don't miss a day without reading your notes from top to bottom. This is so far the best preparation for any short or long exam. When you make it a habit to read your notes everyday, studying for the long exam will be like a breeze to your mind.

Those are the very basic things you can do to achieve good grades. Set a goal then follow 1 to 4.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Etiquette for kids

Just because you are kids does not mean that you do not know how to behave. It pays well to behave whether at school or at home. Good kids are always well-rewarded for being helpful and cooperative. What sorts of behavior are not acceptable anywhere whether you are at home or in school? Take a look at these, boys and girls.

1. Shouting or screaming is a no-no anywhere. It reflects bad manners. If you have to say something to someone who is across the room, go to him or her and do not yell at her.

2. Pushing. Those who push others are not better than bullies. Don't be a bully then. Learn to wait for your turn.

3. Running. You are in the classroom or in the house----it there is no reason for you to run, please stay put and do not attract others' attention by turning the place into a playground.

4. Hitting. Are you a bully? If you're not, don't use your hands to hurt others. God gave you those hands to do good things.

Honestly guys, if you avoid doing 1 to 4, you're on your way to being a good boy or girl. Believe me, it is a lot easier to be good than to be bad. Life will be a lot easier for everybody when you're good.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy B'day, Psyche49f of Mylot

Today, an active Mylotter celebrates her birthday we greet her a very, very happy birthday! More, more fruitful years for Psyche49f or Chichi in real life. Cheers!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

the fiesta at Silliman University

The fiesta, feast or anniversary is the grandest occasion celebrated by towns, cities, schools, companies. It marks another year of existence and in some places commemorates the feast of a certain patron saint.

In our city for instance, Silliman University, the first American school in the Philippines founded in 1901 will be turning another leaf this month, setting a record of its 106 years of service to the world.

Booths, the most awaited search for this year's Miss Silliman, parade, variety shows, alumni homecoming, and a lot more of other cultural shows form part of the pageantry and joyful celebration.

To Silliman University, happy birthday!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Cinderella themed wedding...

Anyone who has thought of using the Cinderella theme for a wedding? I have read one Mylot member express her plan to have this theme for her wedding in 2008 and she plans to use blue as color motif.

Using the Cinderella theme for the wedding would be like using everything in grand scale. visitors should come in full ballooned gowns and men will wear their royal suit to match the occasion. The bride in Cinderella gown and glass slippers will arrive in a horse-drawn coach with a uniformed chauffeur. There will be guards awaiting the bride, her majesty, as she walks in full princess splendor amidst the ooohs and aaahs of visitors who wish they were in her place. Music will be classical and there will be ballroom dancing to cap the night.

As much as possible the host or emcee should also fit her style of hosting by using grand language fit only for her/his majesty.

Oh, I would love to attend one such wedding!

gifts still keep coming

Dewey's birthday was many days away but those who were not able to make it to her birthday party on Aug. 3 brought their gifts today which made the heart of the little girl leap to 7th heaven. Just this afternoon she received a cute red bag, a pink bank, 2 toy cellphones, and a headband set with clips. If we put all the hair accessories she had received I think we can already set up a boutique for hair accessories.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

August 4---unwrapping the gifts Dewey received

Five-year-old Dewey needed a hand in unwrapping all the gifts she had received from her classmates and friends and boy, oh boy, how she enjoyed looking at each new item unwrapped---let's take a quick tour at the cute stuff she had received during her birthday yesterday:

a red throw pillow, a toy kitchen set, lots of glowing stickers, lots of coloring books, tons of hair accessories (headbands, clips, ribbons of all colors and shapes), blocks, pink hankies, toy make-up set, a fan, and princess cards.

Thank you, thank you.....

kid crying at b'day party

While the kids in the nursery class were singing happy birthday to Dewey who celebrated her birthday with her classmates, a boy was wailing on top of his lungs. I went up to him to try to cheer him up, asked him what he wanted, would he like a different animal hat or what? The boy just did not stop from crying. When the kids lined up to give their gifts to the celebrant this kid continued to cry and wouldn't stand up. He did not seem to like the idea of giving away the gift to the brithday girl. The teacher told me that this boy is really like that. Each time someone is celebrating a birthday, he always cries because he wants it to be HIS birthday! ain't he cute? Now I think the mommy will have a hard time explaining to this 5-year-old kid that birthdays happen once a year and on particular dates, and that everyone has his or her own birthday, and that he will also have his own birthday.

Friday, August 3, 2007

August 3 today

It is the birthday of my granddaughter Dewey who turned 5 today, August 3. It was a fun party we had in her classroom with classmates and teachers. It was simple but fun. Since it was held after their class which ends at 3 o'clock every Friday, snacks were simply burgers, fries, cakes, donuts, yemas, drinks. Of course, the kids wore their zoo hats and went home with a balloon each and a loot.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

thought for the day: children need love especially those who do not deserve it

Let us enumerate the qualities that make children lovable:

1. They look cute and adorable.

2. They are clean, respectful, and bright.

3. They mingle well with other kids.

Children who do not have the characteristics above seem to be getting less attention at home and in school. Why? It is the nature of people of love only those who look lovable. Usually when children misbehave they embarrass the parents especially if it happens in front of many people. It seems like on parents can love an appreciate little rascals. However, not all parents give their love and attention to their children. The little rascals will become juvenile delinquents and then move on to become hardcore criminals.

But the basis of it all is love. Parents should love their children even if they are obnoxious. You've got no other choice! They are your children and nobody can ever change that.