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Monday, August 6, 2007

Cinderella themed wedding...

Anyone who has thought of using the Cinderella theme for a wedding? I have read one Mylot member express her plan to have this theme for her wedding in 2008 and she plans to use blue as color motif.

Using the Cinderella theme for the wedding would be like using everything in grand scale. visitors should come in full ballooned gowns and men will wear their royal suit to match the occasion. The bride in Cinderella gown and glass slippers will arrive in a horse-drawn coach with a uniformed chauffeur. There will be guards awaiting the bride, her majesty, as she walks in full princess splendor amidst the ooohs and aaahs of visitors who wish they were in her place. Music will be classical and there will be ballroom dancing to cap the night.

As much as possible the host or emcee should also fit her style of hosting by using grand language fit only for her/his majesty.

Oh, I would love to attend one such wedding!

gifts still keep coming

Dewey's birthday was many days away but those who were not able to make it to her birthday party on Aug. 3 brought their gifts today which made the heart of the little girl leap to 7th heaven. Just this afternoon she received a cute red bag, a pink bank, 2 toy cellphones, and a headband set with clips. If we put all the hair accessories she had received I think we can already set up a boutique for hair accessories.