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Saturday, April 25, 2009

what not to order on a date...

Hmmm...the topic sounds interesting, right? Having a date, especially if it's your first date, can be every stressful, ahem, and exciting as well. Why stressful? Well for one, you have to be at your very best on your first date. You have to make a good impression, so that means to say you need to worry about a number of concerns like 1) what are you going to wear? 2) where would be the best place to go to so that we will both enjoy the date? 3) what would be the best scent that will not be too strong or offensive to your date? 4) what are the best ice-breaking lines? 5) what will we talk about? 6) what time should I go home? 7) do we need to kiss in parting? 8) what food is best to order on my first date?

Obviously, this post will hope to answer number 8. What food will you order on the first date? Let's say it's a dinner-date. Okey. Never choose a place which is too informal, like a place which will require you to eat the food with your hands. No. "Kamayan" food houses should be avoided. Why? It will make you look so unromantic to be eating your food with your hand! Yuck! See to it that you will exhibit your best etiquette on a date.

Never order food that is sticky or messy like spaghetti. It gets to be too dirty-looking at times when the sauce spreads around the mouth area or drops to your clothes. Yucky. Another problem with spaghetti is when the pasta is too long and you have difficulty putting it into your mouth, that can look really bad to your date.

Never order anything that get stuck between your teeth like "siopao" or big bread. "Siopao" is that rounded white flour with meat inside. Trust me, this kind of food gets stuck between the teeth and when you smile to your date, oh boy, it can be a total turn-off.

And guys, don't...and never order for hamburgers, especially the huge ones. You know why? To be able to bite on it you really need to open your mouth really wide...ahhhh...showing your tonsils and all. That is not a nice thing to see on a date.

Pizza? It depends. There are pizzas that can be real messy with all the toppings that drop when you bite on it. Also there are very cheesy pizzas that can be very cumbersome when the cheese just refuses to cut when you bite on the pizza. You pull it out of your mouth and the cheese never lets go. Eeky! Scissors please!

Stick to light finger foods. Order food that is not messy to eat, like fries or cake, shake, ice cream, oat meal cookie. You can think of many other "cute-to-eat" food that will not make you look like you're starving.

We will tackle other concerns on my next blog. Baboosh!