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Monday, August 20, 2007

balloon games

A kid's party can be bursting with fun if all the games involve balloons. Yes, lots and lots of balloons for relay and popping. Here's a list of balloon games. You can add your own:

1. balloon dance---similar to apple dance---instead of an apple, have a balloon between the foreheads of a pair and let them dance to the music. The last pair to drop the balloon wins. Let the music here be fast.

2. balloon bursting----can be done by two or three teams but this will need many balloons---the team that bursts more balloons by sitting on them will win

3. balloon making---individual category---the first one to blow the biggest balloon wins

4. balloon relay---two or three or more teams---the balloon is trapped between the knees and each member walks with the balloon between the knees, goes back to give it to the next one and does the same thing all over again

There are still other games that you can think of using nothing but balloons.