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Sunday, January 6, 2008

first visit to the dentist

It is said that when a child's tooth falls out you have to keep it under his pillow in the evening because a tooth fairy will surely surprise the kid with a gift.  Well, not even this story could convince our five-year-old kid that the trip to the dentist was fun.

We tried to make the kid believe that it would be fun at the dentist's clinic because she said she saw Mr. Bean shaking scared at the dentist's office.  When asked why Mr. Bean was scared, she told us that the dentist was holding something like a big "injection" that was why Mr. Bean was shaking.  We had to convince her that it's different here because there will be no "injections" involved.  Still, the kid showed some anxiety for a while especially when she was asked to sit on the dentist's chair.  Of course the dentist tried to play with her at first by moving the seat up and down.  Everything went well until the dentist came up with the injection which she'd only use to squirt water into the kid's  bleeding gum.  This part made Dewey cover her mouth for she wouldn't want any injections.  Well, as per doctor's order we had to head off to the nearest ice cream house for faster healing of the tiny wound caused by a tooth extraction.