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Monday, June 11, 2007

the bridal shower

Traditionally, bridal showers or pre-wedding parties were hosted by the maid or matron of honor. Today, friends or those invited to the wedding can plan the shower without the bride knowing it. It is considered bad taste and improper for the bride's family to host the shower party because it might appear like they are asking for gifts. A bridal shower is not only an occasion for giving gifts. It is considered as a party with a purpose which is to assist the couple in equipping their new home. The planners can choose a party theme like "kitchen shower" wherein gifts will be composed of kitchen utensils that the couple will be needing in the future. Other variations are "bath shower", "lingerie shower", "camping" or "recipe showers".

The party should be fun, there should be games and entertainment. The best time to hold it would be two weeks or 15 days before the wedding. It is in bad taste to hold it close to the wedding date because by then the bride would be facing last-minute wedding details and this might prove to be stressful rather than a fun occasion.

Regarding the food served at bridal showers it is preferable to keep the menu simple with cakes, punches, and some finger foods. Invitations should likewise be as simple as the illustration given here.