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Monday, August 27, 2007

when your kid goes to school for the first time..

This can be a very stressful moment for moms who will be sending off their kids to kindergarten for the first time. A lot of doubts make moms anxious. Will the child adapt to a school environment quickly? Will he be able to get adjusted to a new surrounding around other kids and with an adult who is going to be his teacher? Will he get along with others?

Been there. Seen them all. Kids crying, screaming, kicking because they do not want to go to school. Moms literally dragging their kids to school, sitting with them inside the classroom for a month or so until he gets adjusted. All these can be really exhausting. We moms want our kids to be able to embrace school very easily. But this is not happening to all the moms and to all the kids. Fortunately I did not have to deal with these problems when my own children started kindergarten and when my 5-year-old granddaughter went to school for the first time. But I have observed many who are in this situation. In fact one of my friends had her 4-year-old daughter tutored by me because her daughter didn't want to go inside her classroom.

Here are a few tips moms can do to prepare their kids for school:

1. Talk about school in the most pleasant way you can. Talk about the fun he will be having there with his other classmates.

2. A few days before school, try to rehearse the child or make him experience a classroom situation in your house, making him sit down and do some school stuff like coloring, writing, or how to hold the pencil and stuff. Make him sing and dance with you to the tune of a nursery rhyme.

3. Play "pretend" with him that you're the teacher and he is the pupil. Instill in him the idea that school is fun and a teacher is just like mom.

4. Ask him what food he wants to snack in school. Pack him his favorite snack and get him excited about it.

5. Sound excited about school for him and make it sound like a very nice place to go to.

6. After school ask him to tell you what they did in the class. Be excited about what he has to tell you each time. Reward him with a kiss for every good deed he'd done like he listened to the teacher, he was friendly with everybody, he obeyed his teacher, etc.

7. Make a "field trip" to the school with your kid a day or two before classes. Look for his classroom and point it out to him.
The last but not the least, when you have some negative thoughts about school, don't let your child hear about it.