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Monday, August 13, 2007

Etiquette for kids

Just because you are kids does not mean that you do not know how to behave. It pays well to behave whether at school or at home. Good kids are always well-rewarded for being helpful and cooperative. What sorts of behavior are not acceptable anywhere whether you are at home or in school? Take a look at these, boys and girls.

1. Shouting or screaming is a no-no anywhere. It reflects bad manners. If you have to say something to someone who is across the room, go to him or her and do not yell at her.

2. Pushing. Those who push others are not better than bullies. Don't be a bully then. Learn to wait for your turn.

3. Running. You are in the classroom or in the house----it there is no reason for you to run, please stay put and do not attract others' attention by turning the place into a playground.

4. Hitting. Are you a bully? If you're not, don't use your hands to hurt others. God gave you those hands to do good things.

Honestly guys, if you avoid doing 1 to 4, you're on your way to being a good boy or girl. Believe me, it is a lot easier to be good than to be bad. Life will be a lot easier for everybody when you're good.