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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

are you a loser?

Nobody wants to be a loser, so let's try to know the signs that make someone look like a loser.  Don't forget to check this out.

Losers have very low self-esteem.  They often look down while walking, while talking, while giving a speech, etc. Their heads just automatically go down when they meet people.  Along with this is the habit of slouching that only reinforces the loser's total outlook.  That's right.  Losers look down a lot and slouch a lot.

Losers whisper.  Their voices are no louder than a whisper so that you don't understand what they are saying much of the time.  Whether they are in the classroom or in ordinary situation, their voices never seem to come out of their mouths.

Losers don't know how to dress.  Because they have poor self-image, this is all reflected in the way they dress,  Their hair is not well kept and their clothes speak of no taste and color.

Losers do not know how to speak.  They have the tendency to eat their words, they do not know how to face a crowd, they answer in monosyllables. Even if they are intelligent, losers do not know how to show their intelligence in look and in speech.

Knowing all these, are you a loser?