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Thursday, September 27, 2007

kids' vegan tees

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Cool vegan kiddie shirts are also available. Awareness of one's health is good at a very early age. Hey kids! More details are up at http://www.theveganprince.com

Sunday, September 23, 2007

tips for halloween party....

So you wanna shock the entire neighborhood with your halloween blast at home. Let us go over some tips on how you will be able to do this.

1. Have everything in the house in BLACK----everything---including the food.

2. Spider webs everywhere and have some toy spiders crawling on the food.

3. BLOODY theme---have everything in screaming red. Have blood everywhere! Serve blood drinks and bloody food!

4. BONES, SKULLS....serve your guests with nothing but bones----ribs, bone cookies, bone candies, etc. Have skulls and bones lying around the house

5. GHOST theme. Let everyone come in ghost outfit and serve them with ghost food.

In the party have lots of games and dancing. You can have a fashion show of your guests and choose one with the best halloween outfit. That's it. Don't forget your eerie music to complete the scene. Happy halloween, everyone!

gift ideas for kids

The season for giving gifts is just a couple of months away and before we know it, it will be here and making last-minute decisions relative to gift-buying might turn out exhaustive and unpleasant. So why don't you do your shopping this early so you won't have to squeeze yourself through in the midst of overcrowded places? Or fall in line and the line is like the length of the entire wall of China, this can really be exasperating. So what do you do now? Simple. Try to start shopping now, two or three gifts at a time and note down the names and the stuff you have bought so you do not have to buy again.

Gifts for kids vary according to their age. For 11 to 14, consider any of the following: cellphone, bracelet with her initials, trendy bag, cool shirt or blouse, money (always welcome gift), pair of nice rubber shoes (but get the right size), pants. For ages 8 to 10: clothes that fit them, money, comic book, cellphone. Toys for ages 4 to 7: kids this age seldom appreciate clothes. They'd always prefer toys. In buying toys, see to it that they are toys that have educational value. There are a lot of these in stores.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy 75th b'day, Mommy Natz!

75 years of living and loving, mommy Natz' birthday bash tonight wowed 600 guests at Palms and Pines and where beautiful songs were rendered by the grandchildren of Mommy Natz. The fireworks capped the celebration, but what made it memorable was the take-home cake that guests took home with a Chinese figurine as souvenir.

Hosted by one of the finest hosts in the city, Mommy Natz's 75th birthday party was one affair to remember. For videos and photos of it, you may log on to www.theveganprince.com

Thursday, September 20, 2007

it's your birthday and you're broke!

Why does it have to be on your birthday? When of all days, this is the day you'd want to make everyone happy---your friends and family. You want them to feel happy too because it is your birthday, but how? You're broke, so what are you going to do? Should it be an unhappy birthday to you?

No way. With a little ingenuity and a few bucks, you could get yourself one ball of a time! How? Here are some ways in which you can celebrate your birthday with little or no money:

1. Plan a program. Set up a small stage from old tables and other scraps you have around, and invite your neighbors to come and participate in the show featuring everybody. In this program everybody is going to be a star. Encourage everyone to show off their talents in singing, dancing, acting, whatever. Serve sandwiches and juices while this is going on.

2. Karaoke singing. Sing your hearts out the whole night. You may invite your neighbors who are into singing too.

3. Camping. For a change because it is your birthday, have your dinner outside under the star-lit skies with the music of the crickets as background.

There are other countless ways you can have a grand time with your family when you don't have a penny on your birthday. Have fun!

gifts that are least appreciated..

Gifts are meant to be appreciated no matter what. After all, it is the thought that really matters. Unfortunately, not all gifts get to be appreciated. In fact, because the receiver finds no use for it, he will stash it away in one place so he could recyle or regift it to someone in the future. It is no use not talking about this because this is happening now.

In one forum I have posted this topic, asking members to share the gifts they do not want to receive and most of them expressed little or no interest to receive items that just collect or gather dust in one corner. In short, top of the list for least appreciated gifts are figurines of all sorts. Gone were the days when figurines were tops in the gift list.

Now that the season for gift-giving is fast approaching, it is time we review our gift list. It is always best to go practical. Find gifts that people can use. Avoid gifts that are meant only to be put aside to gather dust and molds. Go practical. I will come up with a list of practical gifts to be given on any occasion.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

gift for a 69'er

We recently attended a birthday party of a friend-lawyer who turned another milestone in his life, his 69th birthday party and it was a ball!

Our problem initially was what to give this family friend since as a prominent figure in the community he seems to be having everything already. Then, a light suddenly flashed---- a set of comfy and cool pajamas would be the best gift to give to someone like this successful friend of ours.

So we finally settled for a pair of beige pajamas as our gift to this friend who turned 69 yesterday.

Everyone would welcome a nice set of pajamas anytime.:)

Monday, September 17, 2007

giving wallets as gifts

Whether it's a birthday or Christmas, one of the most practical or giftable items to consider is a wallet. However, there are certain beliefs or customs associated with wallets.

One very rich TV host never uses a wallet that is not red. Yes, she believes that wallets that are red have some "good luck" in them. According to this TV host, ever she had decided to always use a red wallet, she never experienced being penniless or money-strapped. She even encouraged her viewers to also give it a try. Who knows?

Another belief attached to wallets is this. Whenever you want to give it as a gift, never, never give an empty wallet. Have a bill or two tucked in it before wrapping it. This simply means that you only want nothing but the best for the receiver.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

the Vegan Prince Marks b'day

Today, the Vegan Prince celebrates another year with his family and friends. The occasion will be held at Ang Boulevard in a private room where the night will be spent partly eating and mostly singing, singing, singing! Happy,happy birthday to you, Mark! Go, get it!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dewey turned five

Happy to be five---this seems to be what baby Dewey is saying in this photo. Dewey turned five last month and she celebrated the big day with classmates and friends with the help of Jollibee and zoo friends.

Monday, September 10, 2007

are you into anime?

Hey, kids! Are you into anime? Here's a forum for you to join so you can discuss everything you need to know about anime http://www.animemine.com Good luck and have fun! Feel free to join the forum and discuss!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

party people

The godparents , friends , and family graced the christening of baby Sofianne Antonio held Sept. 1.

Monday, September 3, 2007

my son's birthday

My 23-year-old son is turning another year on the 16th this month. Since he, like the rest of the family like singing, we plan to spend it at a karaoke bar and sing the night away.

What gift would be appropriate for a 23-year-old? I know the weaknesses of my son so it should be easy for me to get a gift for him. Of course, clothes would be top of the list---he loves shirts, new ones each time because they have a way of disappearing from his closet. Second to the list would be fragrances for men. Then it would be practical to also give celebrants this age some cash.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

baptismal gifts

A gift for the new Christian should be something worth keeping and more lasting like a pearl bracelet, a pair of 14k earrnings, a couple of hankies with the baby's initials, a bath set, bib set, or a set of baby's clothes with the baby's initials, towel, etc. The choices are endless but in choosing one consider its universality as well as durability.

Christening Sofianne Antonio

Today, two-month old Sofianne Antonio Samson, becomes a Christian (Catholic) in the presence of family and friends Marie France, Kingking, Dino, Dale, Mark Xander, Maybelle, Dr. Lacdoo among others. For a full view of the entire affair, click here.