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Friday, June 15, 2007

What's a great dad like?

Speak up all ya children of great dads. What makes your dad special? Why do you think he is different from all the other dads in the world? Here are some of the possible reasons that make dads great:

1. He always finds time for the family no matter how busy he is.
2. He remembers special days like birthdays and Christmases.

3. He is very much like mom because even without mom around, he keeps the house running.

4. He teaches me stuff like how to fish and how to fly a kite.

5. When mom is too tired to accompany me to the room because I am scared, dad would always be there for me.

6. He is my number one fan. He adores me.

7. Dad is always on my side even when I do wrong, he is there to protect me.

8. He never raises his voice nor lay a hand on me.

9. When he comes home from work he always has something for me.

10. He works, works, works for the family. He said so.
How about your dad? Share please.