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Monday, December 24, 2007

toys that end up in the garbage

With a five-year-old around the house, garbage has a weird way of piling every second of the day.  Most toys, especially the tiny ones, usually end up as garbage.  They look so attractive in their display packages in the store but when your kid starts to unwrap and play with those teeny weeny parts, you can be sure that they will comprise the day's garbage in a matter of minutes.  Of course, you try to keep them for a while before realizing that the kid is no longer interested in the toy or toys and they just add up to your mountain of toy garbage.  Cheap dolls especially always end up mangled, their body parts nowhere to be found.  Toy kitchen sets, bowling sets, tea sets, beach sets, doctor's or nurses' set, make-up set, and a lot more most likely end up as garbage.  Toys that are especially Made in China are frail and break very easily so they get thrown away very quickly.  Big and durable toys are ideal because they get to last and get to be seen very easily.