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Monday, May 14, 2007


When a girl turns 18, her world opens up to a rainbow of possibilities. Eighteen is the age of maturity, when a girl is formally introduced to the public. This occasion is otherwise known as a girl's "coming out", her first taste of what it's like to have her first dance with a man.

One writer with a very conservative view of what a debut ought to be said that a girl who , before 18, can say that "she'd been there and done that" does not deserve to celebrate a debut. A girl who already had a boyfriend before `18 should not demand to have a grand debut celebration for it defeats the real purpose of celebrating a girl's debut.

A debut is a girl's first formal introduction to the world of adults, particularly to eligible gentlemen. It means she is now allowed to entertain suitors and even have a boyfriend if the right one comes along.

But preparing for a grand debut is not like a walk in the park. Planning should start two months before the affair to allow for practices and preparation of the program, food, invitation, etc.

The debutante can use the help of friends and family to contact people who will have parts in the program. The success of the program depends on choosing the right host or MC for the party. The host or emcee will control the flow of events, how the whole party will start and end. It is important that coordination between the host and the debutante will be made long before the party in order to allow for changes to be fitted in.

18 roses, 18 candles (goes with 18 wishes), 18 balloons, 18 treasures, 18 cakes, 18 "lechons"...the list could be endless. The debutante should choose the events she would like to happen and say so.

If you have any questions as to the flow of the program, you may leave them here under comment and I promise to answer.

mirror, mirror on the wall....

Prom season in our city in the Philippines happens around February. Schools become alive as junior and senior high school students get all excited about the prom which, in today's highly commercialized world, has become a very expensive school activity.

First the food and the place. It has to be a special place fit to hold a ball for hundreds of students who will come formally dressed in gowns and coats. The cost of the place and the food may already cause parents to squirm.

Then the gown or tuxedo which could be over a couple of thousands. Shoes, accessories like earrings, bracelets, bag, rings, brooch or tiarra may add up to hundreds of bucks.

Some prommers can be nasty and ask for services like spa, hair rebond, facials, manicure and pedicure and the like. These would cost another couple of thousands.

Hair and make-up would run close to a thousand pesos depending on the make-up artist or hair stylist. If you go to the not-so-popular beautician, you may save a few bucks.

In the US, however, and in some parts of the world, the celebration of the JS prom is usually held during mid-May and the complications attached to the party are far from less.

This is an event students look forward to and everybody wants to look extra special. to be chosen as the prom queen is one of the dreams of girls attending the party. Of course, the fairest of them all gets to be crowned "Prom Queen".
What is the best gown to wear to the prom? Any suggestions? You may post your comments here.