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Monday, February 7, 2011

a fly at Kamalig...

A friend of ours was halfway through his food when he noticed something black on his spoon which he was about to put in his mouth. Luckily he took one hard look at it and confirmed his suspicion. It was one humongous fly that obviously did not make it when it landed on the food. Just how did that huge fly get into his food? There are only three possible reasons: One, it must have landed on the food while it was being cooked. Two, it must have been there among the food ingredients where it met its death or three, the cook must have deliberately placed it there to spite the owner. Ewww....whatever the reason, that food hut would have been as dead as the fly had we made the report to proper authority, but we did not because we're not eating there for the rest of our lives even if the food were for free. When you come to Dumaguete, beware of that food hut near the dockside because you just don't know what you will find in your food. That is, if you're lucky to even scrutinize the food. Usually we just eat and eat without actually poking or looking at what's in there. So crazy.