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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Red is it

Hey, guys! Red is the in thing for 2009 so you can collect as many red items as you want to look in. I personally love red bags. They seem to just serve the right accent to one's outfit. Of course, it is better to also match your red bag with a pair of red footwear, whatever it is, and you're ready to go. Red by the way means many things. For one, it is the color of courage as it is the color of blood. Secondly, red represents life. In many instances, red is made to stand for strong emotions like anger and passion. Red can also have negative connotations like the teacher's red ink which is used only to write out a student's failing mark or make corrections on a student's work. A company which is said to be "on the red" is said to be having financial difficulties. Whatever is your take on this, red is definitely the color of Valentine's day which is going to be celebrated next month.