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Thursday, August 23, 2007

so your kid is turning 1?

Parents, especially moms, get so hyper when the date of their angel's FIRST birthday party is moving in fast.

A kid's 1st birthday is supposed to be the most memorable for the parents and the baby. Should it be a themed party? Since you would like it to be a grand birthday celebration, you decided to make it a themed party. Here's a list of themes you can possibly use:
* Teddy bear party
* cowboy
* Ducky-duck party
* angel
* Rainbow party
* fruit
* Pirate b'day party
* fairy
* hat party
* princess/prince
* bunny party
* pajama
* Indian party
* career
*Alice in Wonderland theme
* star
* Under the Sea
* cartoon
* Zoo party
* Micky mouse
* Hi-5 party
* Dora the Explorer
* Disneyland
* Totally Spies
* Wonder Pets
* Blues clues
* the carnival

Those are only suggestions. I am sure you can think up of other themes. The list is endless, it is all up to you how you would want your kid's 1st birthday a most memorable one.