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Sunday, June 10, 2007

fantasy debut

How about fantasizing a debut that you will never have because it could cost your family millions? What sort of debut party would need five million bucks? Let us imagine having 18 of everything. Since you are turning 18, let us see what 18 things you can have to make it as the world's most expensive debut?

18 roses, 18 girls and 18 boys to dance the cotillion, 18 "lechons" or roasted pigs, an18 -layered cake, 18 gown changes, 18 candles, 18,000 balloons, 18 gunfires, 18 local and foreign guest celebrities, 18 diamonds on your tiarra, 18 caterers, 18 courses of dish, 18 escorts, 18 long tables laden with food, 18 different kinds of wine,18 bands, and 18 cars to be given away as door prizes.

Any other fantastic suggestions are most welcome.