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Thursday, August 2, 2007

thought for the day: children need love especially those who do not deserve it

Let us enumerate the qualities that make children lovable:

1. They look cute and adorable.

2. They are clean, respectful, and bright.

3. They mingle well with other kids.

Children who do not have the characteristics above seem to be getting less attention at home and in school. Why? It is the nature of people of love only those who look lovable. Usually when children misbehave they embarrass the parents especially if it happens in front of many people. It seems like on parents can love an appreciate little rascals. However, not all parents give their love and attention to their children. The little rascals will become juvenile delinquents and then move on to become hardcore criminals.

But the basis of it all is love. Parents should love their children even if they are obnoxious. You've got no other choice! They are your children and nobody can ever change that.