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Thursday, January 31, 2008

gowns, gowns, gowns

There's this new place in the city that rents out gowns for all formal occasions. The gowns are so elegant that you can't help stepping into one of them, which I did as part of our segment on gowns to be aired on Sunday at 8 in the evening, channel 6, Filproducts cable. If you are attending a prom, debut, or maybe preparing to be wed, renting a gown is worth considering. Having a gown made can give you headaches. First, you need to worry about the color and type of cloth. Then you need to worry about the style or cut, then the dressmaker. With a finished or readymade gown, you don't worry about any of those details. You get to choose from an array of gowns---color, style, type of fabric, it's all there for you for the choosing.

And yes, the rent is not really that expensive coz we are talking about a gown that you will most likely only wear once. What is the point of spending a fortune on it?