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Sunday, May 23, 2010

wedding party with Filipiniana theme and a debut bash with a Las Vegas motif

Two different parties in a span of less than a week can be exhilirating. One has to be very creative in order to come up with an outfit that is both in theme and in fashion.

The wedding party with a Filipiniana theme was one fashion challenge for me. I had to make sure that I'd look fashionable and at the same time Filipiniana ang dating. I searched for a formal outfit that was knee-length and sleeveless. Then I used a gypsy inspired scarf to drape my shoulders and voila! There's that touch of party elegance and looking Filipiniana too.

For the debut with a Las Vegas theme, I intend to use a glittery top then use huge red flowers to adorn the neck. I intend to match this with splashing red pants (since red is the color motif) and hopefully come out looking elegant and sinful at the same time. LOL