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Thursday, December 27, 2007

lots of garbage this Christmas

The kid in the house received lots of gifts this Christmas, most of which cause more clutter in the house.  Well, she enjoyed playing with these toys for a day or two but after that there is no chance of finding the other parts or pieces to keep these toys intact.

1. toy clay----she received this at school----she was jubilant about it for each colored clay was beautifully packaged in colorful jars with cute animal molders and all placed inside a see-through bag---well, I was happy about it for a while for it kept her busy molding and shaping all sorts of stuff for a couple of days.  Then the clay, containers, etc. started to disappear and much of the clay is plastered on the marble floor!  I found out that  clay plastered on the floor is not easy to remove.  You need to really scrape the whole thing off with something sharp.  Oh boy.

2.  toy money---the bills and coins are too numerous to count---on day two, they're everywhere on the floor----day 3, I started throwing them into the garbage bin

3.  make-up set----small tiny pieces of make-up pieces complete with tiny hair brushes, toy lipstick, mirror, cologne bottle, hair clips, etc.---all in the garbage bin

4. tiny ones made in China dolls----the extremities of these dolls are so frail they get detached the moment you touch them----all mangled and meant to be thrown into the trash can.

5. small jigsaw puzzles---my, they're everywhere! Grrrr...

And a lot more.  In giving toy gifts to a kid, I suggest choosing something that is large and easy to locate and keep.